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The key to this extraordinary collection of skin treatment solutions is our extensive use of Chiral (molecular separation or purification) technology. If you haven’t heard about it... you will.

Now, you’re probably wondering what this strange sounding word, "Chiral" or "Chirality," (pronounced kirul-it-tee) has to do with safe ingredients and effective skin care products and why consumers who desire safer and more effective products should care about Chirality. There are many reasons, and it can sometimes get very scientific (hey, we’re dealing with chemistry here), but to put it simply:

All ingredients/nutrients are composed of molecules that are mirroring images of each other – like, for example…your hands, or your eyes or your feet are all identical opposites; biological examples of mirror images of each other. In virtually all aspects, the two "parts" are physically and chemically identical, except for one critical area: How they link up and interact, or more importantly, react, with other molecules in the body.

Now let's say one side of the nutrient molecule (using your hands as an example), your “left hand,” produces the results that we desire while the other side (your “right hand”) will produce the results that we want to avoid. When you Chirally purify an ingredient (by removing the “right hand” – or the one that produces the undesirable results), you’re then left with only the “left hand” – the one that delivers the results we are seeking.

Now think of the body’s cell receptors like gloves made to fit only over the correct hand. Just for laughs, try putting on a glove intended for the right hand on your left hand and you’ll get a better understanding on why using the right fit, and in this case the right side ingredients, matters.

So how does Chirality impact your skincare, you may ask?

Good question. "Chirally Correct" refers to the form in which the ingredient/nutrient is delivered to your skin, understanding that the absorption of that ingredient takes place ONLY for that portion of a nutrient that fits the cell receptor.

Therefore, Chiral technology used in the development of skincare products ensures the delivery of the ingredient (absorption) to your skin receptors. This means that the absorption of nutrients is not inhibited by the incorrect shape molecule of the active ingredients. Providing a product with the "wrong shape" ingredient molecule, found in most skin care products, not only renders the product virtually ineffective (because only a small fraction of the ingredient can be absorbed into the skin); it can also be the source cause of irritation and other negative side effects.

Since increased absorption of the proper ingredients is especially important when dealing with aged, sun damaged, acne, and sensitive skin, it is our highest responsibility to offer ingredients in a form that is easily absorbed, recognized, and utilized by the skin to restore the skin's integrity and immune function.

If you only provide a product that just sits on the surface of your skin (I’m talking about 99% of the skincare manufactures out there), it doesn’t take a biochemist to conclude that it’s not really doing much for you. Sure, it may smell good or feel good (for a short period) but everyone should be able to realize that it is doing little for increased skin health.

Chirally correct ingredients simply result in the most effective product with the fewest side effects. Period.

Chiral purification takes place in a lab. It is another added step in the development of the raw ingredients. However using Chiral ingredients cost more and I believe it is one of the main reasons other skincare lines do not use them...and these purified ingredients are also much harder to source.

Let me also touch briefly on the words organic (meaning chemical and pesticide free) and natural. In the strictest sense of the word, "natural" would be anything that is not altered in any way from its natural state. I believe that many “all natural” or even "organic" skincare products under-perform because they do not retain their potency. If you want a truly natural product that will work you need to mix it up yourself in your kitchen and use it immediately or quickly before it loses its potency.

SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals products often contain ingredients that are made in a laboratory -- peptides would be a perfect example of this but also the Chiral ingredients (that are put through a purification process to separate the molecules) are "made" in a lab. While many ingredients that are in our products are derived from natural ingredients, they cannot be considered to be purely natural because of the extra processing or purifying.

As an example, instead of using green tea (regular skin care brands), we may take the "heart" or the strongest part of the green tea ingredient and use that in the formula to achieve a more effective end result. We call this “supercharged" skin care and it is the main reason why we have had so much success. Our products perform better and you'll notice immediately how they integrate and work with your body…not against it.

Another point to consider is that what makes a product an effective one is not only the ingredients that are used but also how they are used together in a formulation. It is the formula (or combination of the right ingredients) that makes the product "work".

Pharmaceutical research has shown time and time again and continues to prove that the use of the correct Chiral molecule of the ingredient can make all the difference in just how effective an ingredient will be and just as important, what reactions it might create.

The significance of this technology in the scientific community is so well known, that in 1998 the FDA recognized just how important Chirally pure ingredients are for the safety and effectiveness of drugs, by mandating that Chirality must be considered in the development of all new drugs.

In 2001, The Royal Swedish Academy acknowledged the importance of Chirality and awarded the coveted Nobel Prize in Chemistry to William S. Knowles, Ryojo Noyori, and K. Barry Sharpless for their discoveries involving Chiral molecules and how certain Chiral molecules are used to speed up and control important chemical and biological reactions.

K. Barry Sharpless, W.M. Keck Professor of Chemistry, The Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology at The Scripps Research Institute, explains the importance of Chirality... He says, "Chirality is central to life, as many important molecules come in two mirror-image forms that have very different properties. The fundamental molecules of life-DNA and proteins-are, in fact, composed respectively of right-and left-handed subunits only. Nature often discriminates between Chiral forms of small molecules, too, and what is a medicine on the one hand can be a poison on the other".

One example of this is Thalidomide. Thalidomide, which was given to pregnant women as a sedative and anti-nausea drug in the 1950s, turned out to produce debilitating birth defects such as missing limbs. But, in fact, only one enantiomer (one side) of the molecule is responsible for these effects. Because they didn't in those days test (both the left and right handed molecules) separately, they didn't find out that one form of the drug was good for helping pregnant women sleep and helped to prevent morning-sickness, while the other one was causing the birth defects. Had we known then what we know now, it might have been less tragic. However, Sharpless is careful to point out that even this case is not simple, as the two forms of the molecule inter-convert slightly in the body.

"This Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde persona of different handedness of the same molecule is true of other substances as well. For example, a left-handed molecule makes up the active ingredient in the drug Ethambutol, used to treat Tuberculosis. Its right-handed counterpart can cause blindness. The left-handed form of Penicillamine has anti-arthritic properties, while its right-handed form is extremely toxic".

"Even when one hand of a molecule appears to be neutral, it is often prudent to leave it out of a drug. Not only can the dosage be halved in this manner, but long-term safety risks, some that may not appear for generations, can be reduced. Sharpless notes, "You've got to keep the chemicals down as much as possible, more targeted drugs is what it is all about."

The right form of a ingredient does have a direct impact on the products safety and performance. It’s a fact that Chirally pure ingredients ensure safer and more effective products, yet Chiral purity is often overlooked as the way to achieve the safest, most effective products by most of the mainstream skin care companies, largely because of the added expense we spoke about earlier.

You see, when a product is formulated with active ingredients that have been Chirally purified, it stands to reason that the product will deliver the best possible results with the least chance of adverse reactions, and therefore it will be safer and more effective.

By designing products with only the “effective” side of an ingredient molecule, (or more of the “right shape” ingredient molecules), you simply get formulas that have a higher concentration of that particular ingredient’s benefits (ie; more of the good stuff), which results in a stronger, more potent, and superior product with the greatest targeted benefits possible. 

In addition, by eliminating the other, “ineffective” side of the ingredient molecule, you have less chance for an adverse reaction (which is great news for those of us with sensitive skin).

All SIRCUIT® product formulations utilize advanced, “body friendly”, Chiral Technology to identify the correct side of the active ingredient molecule and only use the side of the molecule that fits the cell receptor resulting in superior absorption, and a more effective end result.

Understanding Chiral Technology is the key to understanding why SIRCUIT® skin and hair care products are so amazing! This knowledge completely redefines what we should be putting on our skin. It’s also why all products, that are either ingested or applied topically should be Chirally Correct, and hopefully one day, they will be!

Formulating from the molecules up, with a core philosophy of maintaining the moisture balance of the epidermis and employing this “molecule separation” technology enables SIRCUIT® to take the upper hand ensuring their customers receive the full benefits of their proprietary ingredient formulations, resulting in effective “supercharged” products and I might add…some very happy customers.

Each formula blends trusted purified ingredients with a commonsense “be good to yourself” approach that specifically address skin sensitivities, irritations, and allergies resulting from an over abundance of unnecessary chemical additives, fillers and harsh ingredients found in most other skin care lines.

You won't really know how good it is until you try it.

"This technology allows us to raise the bar on what you should expect from a skin care company, and has been the cornerstone of our incredible growth. We provide products that not only do the job intended, but just feel 'right' by working with the body…not against it. The results are immediate and continue to improve over time."
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Chirality and the 2001 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
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