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For the month of October SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals has partnered with Keep A Breast Foundation (KAB).

Their mission is to empower the youth around the world with much needed education and support. KAB understands that preventative education is key: with knowledge comes power. They strive to reach young people by meeting them in their own cultural comfort zones and teach them that prevention is the cure. Whether it’s using the arts, interactive activities, or traveling education booths, KAB strives to empower the youth to become their own health advocates, on their own terms, in their own voice and space. 

We are proud to partner with Keep A Breast Foundation. We humbly and gratefully ask you to open your heart and help us support this wonderful organization. $20 of every 7 Essentials Kit sold will directly benefit KAB.

Let’s blow out of these kits so we can make a generous donation and in that way we’ll all be making a difference to better our skin health and community! Thank you.