Our mission is to bring you THE BEST (ie: effective) skincare products available!

How can we accomplish this in a world where skincare brands are on every corner? First, by treating you as we would ourselves: with honesty and compassion. Second, by our simple focus on ingredient truth and transparency. Third, by the fact that we have personally tested everything that we recommend, so that we can ensure each product we offer lives up to its promises, rocks the quality scale, and is something you shouldn’t pass up. Fourth, because these products enhance our lives and we want to share it with you. Fifth, because we passionately try and do everything right, not just a few things right!

We believe with these five rules we can empower people everywhere and change the world. Come on… join us.

SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals is about skin health and works from a position of natural balance and pH.

An example of this is using a harsh cleanser (or even some recommended gentle cleansers without the pH stabilized). This leaves your skin clean but dry because the surfactants (foaming agents) have removed the pH balance of the skin. Consumers are then told they need a moisturizer (to combat the dry skin). The recommended moisturizer is usually more of a coating (either light or heavy because of the ingredients used) and may smell good or feel good but doesn’t easily absorb into the skin. It just sits on the skin and creates a barrier on the skins surface. At the same time this is happening your body is working to re-create the pH balance that was removed by the cleanser. This results a few hours later in an oily and shiny complexion. Sound familiar?

Over time, this daily “stripping and coating” effect has it’s consequences. Breakouts and aggravated skin are just a few of the issues that can result from this common strategy used by many skin care companies. Combine that with chemical additives and filler ingredients manufactures use and you have a recipe for problems. You see, our body can recognize natural but often doesn’t recognize chemicals. Chemicals and artificial fragrances in the products we slather all over ourselves are often the root cause for potential allergic reactions and is another reason why much of the public considers themselves to be ultra-sensitive when it comes to skin care products. 

The bottom line is that all SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals products support skin cell health by delivering plant-based nutrients and integrated ingredients that encourage healthy strong cells and the natural pH balance of your skin. 

Skin health … it’s what we do.

SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals was specifically formulated to challenge the norms of the department store beauty giants by offering the newest, most effective ingredient technology, paraben free, and shameless performance driven skin care products at an affordable price point.

Our natural plant based formulas function well across a wide spectrum of consumers including genders, all ethnics groups, as well as all ages, acknowledging that the majority of the beauty business is done within the 20 to 60 year old age range. Of course, we understand the complexities of oily skin, or dry skin, and pigment issues between the diverse groups along with the variations of thick and thin skin between the different genders, but SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals focuses on the one specific constant between us which is that we are all human, we all have skin cells and our bodies all function much the same way.

If you have skin … then you’re our customer!

SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals products address the number one issue with people of all generations and ethnic groups; which is anti-aging and skin sensitivity concerns. Like outlined above, we believe that the majority of these skin conditions come from the products we are told are good for us, but also contain an extraordinary number of harmful chemicals. These chemicals and additives are typically used to reduce the cost per unit of the product for the manufacture, and to secure a cheaper price point (margin) for the retailer. Unfortunately, this can result in potentially putting the consumer’s health at risk. At SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals, we don’t believe this is the right winning strategy.

SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals… perfecting the art of beautiful skin.

Everyday consumers are bombarded by suggestions for cleaner eating choices and are advised to encourage a healthy green lifestyle, but are not confident that the choices they make are good for them because of all the mixed messages and manipulated marketing. SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals, products offer a healthy skincare alternative that everyone can appreciate and isn’t projecting a healthy confidence what it’s all about?

We took a different approach by developing these formulas using new breakthrough ingredient technologies combined with plant-based formulas. This allows the products to be super effective while also greatly reducing the chance of adverse reactions. All of our products are also designed to be super concentrated, and easy to use without over indulging. Using only a small amount of each product that quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. 

It’s with this “fresh delivery”, that consumers have had such a positive reaction and in the end, you have a quick and easy to use skin care program for all.

We hope you enjoy the products as much as we do!!



SIRCUIT ® Cosmeceuticals Inc.