At SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals, we fundamentally care about the difference our products provide to people. This was our founding vision and something we work hard to continually improve on. For the people using our products: the joyous feeling, the beautiful and visible difference after experiencing SIRCUIT®SKIN for the first time is what we live and strive for. Each application of every product delivers incredible protection along with a sensing experience and profound benefits which is why time after time savvy consumers stand with us. Skin that’s younger-looking, silky to the touch, combined with a totally soothing, sensory “moment” eclipsed in a gratifying experience of self-care and well-being.

We care about the experience our Estheticians have: using the finest pH-balanced professional products with advanced medical skin-health technology and the easy-to-use, immediate effects they provide to ultimately bask in their client’s overall “happiness and glow” after the service. We care about the Spa/Salon owner that receives blushing compliments from clients on the high-performance products they offer and their healthy skin as a result. We care about the extensive product line the Spa/Salon can enthusiastically offer to their return clients for use at home in between services. We care that our step-by-step protocols educate and allow for client customization at every point of treatment while the support we provide allows for confident repeat buying and quick inventory turns.

We care about the distributor that represents SIRCUIT® and understands that we care about every aspect of our formula systems. That each ingredient is strategically selected and purposeful and that each formula combination is designed to affect positive change and solve the problem at hand ensuring an incredibly effective product line - with a special eye on profitability for both the professional as well as reseller.

The bottom line is that we care about outcomes, all outcomes, and we do this by raising the bar on what you should expect from a skincare company. To experience the SIRCUIT® difference of delivering soft, beautiful, hydrated, plump and radiant skin combined with our specialized “unique to you” buying experience, please contact us @ 888-661-4544 or



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