Gardenia Stem Cells: Provides multi-level protection for amplified beauty benefits.
False Daisy Stem Cells: Known for its rejuvenating effects and as a skin conditioning agent.
Echinacea Stem Cells: A plant cell culture that exhibits anti-aging properties that can help to lessen dark circles and brighten up the skin around the eyes.
Apple Stem Cells: The extract from Apple leaves which are useful in providing anti-aging effects allowing skin to appear to look younger and healthier.
Edelweiss: A hardy plant culture which exhibits antioxidant benefits along with anti-aging properties that can help to improve the overall skin appearance.
Buddleja Stem Cells: An antioxidant that helps to provide soothing protection from oxidative stress and plays a key role in enhancing overall skin quality.


Resveratrol (Giant Knotweed):
A potent antioxidant rich inpolyphenols with skin protective and anti-aging properties for younger-lookingskin.

Spin Trap: A powerful and intelligent antioxidant that iscapable of neutralizing free radicals that are present in the environment.

Astaxanthin: Potent antioxidant.

Ergothioneine (L): A natural antioxidant and amino acid. Itis an MMPi and has anti-aging properties which help to minimize fine lines,wrinkles and sagging.

Superoxide Dismutase (L): A potent antioxidant with powerfulanti-aging properties.

Totarol™: This effective antioxidant works to neutralizefree radicals and provides astringent characteristics that can help topotentially relieve excessive oiliness and fight against the ongoing conditionsthat can occur with problem skin.



Aldenine®: Helps to detoxify and support soft, supple skin.
Carnosine (L): An amino acid that helps keep skin feeling firm and soft and a super antioxidant that quenches even the most destructive free radicals promoting the appearance of younger, smoother looking skin.
Kombuchka: Helps to provide skin with a smooth, supple texture while also enhancing the skin’s overall appearance with improved radiance.


RejuvenOx® (Perfluorodecalin): An oxygen moisturizing agent that works to hydrate the stratum corneum and decrease the trans-epidermal water loss, thus increasing the smoothness and softness of the skin.
Fi-Flow®: Applied topically, Perfluorocarbons (PFC’s) act on multiple levels to impart a skin-smoothing effect, enhancing the skin’s overall quality and promoting a more youthful appearance.


Iconic-A®: A unique, naturally encapsulated Retinaldehyde form of Vitamin A. It works by speeding up the cell turnover rate, which helps to visibly revitalize the skin as well as improve the appearance of facial lines and skin-discoloration, improving tone and softness. It is also stabilized and well tolerated by the skin.
Vita-a-Like™: A botanical alternative to Retinol with high tolerance and stability that helps to reduce the common risk of irritation associated with Retinol. It works by speeding up the cell turnover rate which can help to visibly revitalize skin as well as improve the appearance of facial lines, thus providing important anti-aging benefits.


Purisoft®: A dirt-resistant peptide that is designed to help keep your skin cleaner longer as it protects against the potential damage caused from daily pollution.
Copper Tripeptide-1: An important anti-aging antioxidant that helps to protect against external stressors and neutralize free radicals. It can also induce a skin-tightening effect that potentially improves firmness and skin elasticity which enhances the skin’s overall quality and appearance.
Matrixyl® Synthe’ 6™: A powerful peptide that boosts 6 skin building essentials which help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles particularly on the forehead and crow’s feet.
Leuphasyl® (Pentapeptide-18): A penta-peptide that helps to promote anti-aging benefits such as a reduction in the appearance of facial lines especially around the eyes, forehead and mouth.
Argirilene® (Acetyl Hexapeptide-8): A neuropeptide with skin- smoothing and moisturizing qualities that promotes anti-aging benefits such as a reduction in the appearance of facial lines especially around the eyes, forehead and mouth region.
ChroNOline™ (Caprooyl Tetrapeptide-3): A peptide derived from Growth Factor derivatives intended to help reduce the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enhancing the youthful look of the skin.
Inyline™ (Acetyl Hexapeptide-30): A peptide that helps to minimize the appearance of expression lines while also helping to smooth the skin providing anti-aging benefits and a radiant, more youthful complexion.
Maxi-Lip™: A stabilized, natural peptide that helps to moisturize the lips and can appear to make them look firmer, smoother and better defined.


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