Chiral Correction.

Chiral Correction simply means that these ingredients have been purified at the molecular level increasing the level of communication or bond which in turn, helps to improve the overall effectiveness of the particular Chiral ingredient used while also helping to reduce the chance of adverse reactions for our clients. In other words, using the right form of the particular ingredient matters.

Using the right form of the ingredient matters?

Educating yourself on the significance of this technology will help you to recognize the superior differences Chirally Corrected ingredients provide over what goes in traditional product formulations and you’ll better understand why using products formulated with this advanced ingredient technology will give you and your client a better end result.

Just so you know, Chirally purified ingredients are identified by either a D for the right side or L for the left side of the ingredient molecule on our ingredient decks. The “sides” of the same molecule can have different reactions; one side can carry negative side effects, while the other side delivers the specific benefits desired. Using Chirally Corrected ingredients increases the ability of the ingredient to establish the right bond resulting in increased performance of the Chiral ingredient used.

Chirality is whats make our products so safe, predictable and effective.

When we are first talking about Chiral Technology with someone who has never heard of it before, we explain it this way: Chiral Technology is Molecular Separation Technology that helps to ensure maximum communication of the ingredient, resulting in increased performance and therefore delivering the most advanced result … safely! 

The Chiral form of every ingredient is taken into consideration in all of the formulas we develop. We understand that this technology, although more expensive, gives us an edge in the crowded marketplace and that utilizing this advanced ingredient technology helps to ensure our products work better for our clients and customers. 

The level of Chiral purity we offer is very unique to SIRCUIT®. In fact, we stand behind this technology so proudly that to offer our clients anything less would be a disservice.

If it’s not Chiral … why bother?

Have you used skin care products that didn’t provide the benefits you were anticipating? Yes, we all have. One of the reasons is that most skincare products are not formulated with Chirally Correct ingredients. Their products may smell good or feel good, but end up not really doing too much. The reason is that, in many cases the ingredient form that was used cannot bond efficiently with the skin and as a result, the particular benefits of that ingredient are greatly diminished.

Using Chirally Correct ingredients increases the ingredients ability to establish a bond with the skin resulting in a more effective result and is what makes our unique "body friendly" approach to skincare possible.


Founder | CEO

SIRCUIT ® Cosmeceuticals Inc.