Here's what some of our most recent "SIRCUIT® Addicts" are saying about the products. We love all the feedback. So keep it coming!

I didn’t expect NineOneOne to be this good! My sensitive skin acts up in certain weather and environments. I used to stress out every day about my skin. I now walk in confidence and happiness because I feel like I got new and improved skin with no more painful flare ups!

 Graciella M.

We strive to meet and exceed expectations!

Oh man, I’ve tried bronzers in the past and it does NOT compare to this one. Usually the color of the bronzer stays on the surface of my skin, making me look like an orange! But Sircuit Soleil creates a great effect and it just blends into my skin, leaving me with a natural tanned, glowing look. How cool is that?!

Miranda E.

That's pretty cool!!

Infusion-A really does work intensely! It does everything that a product should do! Which is protect AND heal. My skin would not be where it’s at right now if it weren’t for this serum. You need to try it for yourself to fully understand my excitement! People with sensitive skins, hear me out! THIS STUFF WORKS GREAT. It protects you from things that may irritate your skin and it renovates your skin’s texture!

Marsha M.

Thanks! We're just as excited as you!!

The 7 Essentials is the perfect set to get if you don’t want to be committed to one product! This set focused on all of my problem areas and improved my skin’s appearance. Dull skin doesn’t exist in my life anymore and this led me to buy the bigger version of the bottles!

Rhonda Z.

Buh-Bye dull skin!

My least favorite part about my skin is that it gets super oily. I’m not lying when I say that I have tried EVERYTHING out there. It got to the point where I was attempting to make my own remedy at home. Let’s just say that it didn’t go so well. My neighbor came over and introduced me to this Clarity mask and it was the best thing that anyone has ever given me! It eliminated all the unnecessary oils on my face and gave me an absolute perfect skin texture!

Gracie P.

We should all be so lucky to have a neighbor like yours!

I lived my whole life with dry skin and once I used Sircurity recovery balm, it completely eliminated my dryness and enhanced my skin! I use it for multiple parts of my body and it does the job just right each time!

Hannah S.

We aim to get the job right every time! Thanks!

This glorious oil is the perfect fit for my skin. I suffer from dryness and Lavish made my skin super soft! I also used to dye my hair a lot and it made my hair look dead and unattractive. This product got rid of those crazy split ends and gave my hair the nourishment it needed. I’m so glad I bought this!!!

Angelica G.

Wow! We "Lavish" in the praise!

You guys are crazy good, I really mean it!! Soleil leaves my skin feeling incredibly smooth and silky. Also provides a nice glow, however a lot of it does wash off in the shower. I love the fact that there isn't oil in it to clog my pores.  

Madi E.

Well, if you're going to have an addiction this is a great one!

I have never tried anything like Sir Activ. This scrub exfoliated my skin and gave me super softness! It smells wonderful and it’s hydrating!

Liza K.

So happy you tried it!

In November I threw out all of my old skincare products and completely switched to Sircuitskin Cosmeceuticals as an “experiment”. I am a skincare enthusiast, and I have always loved trying new products, however, I was using so many different lines and products but not seeing the results that I wanted. By switching all of my products to one line I have noticed a huge change! Mostly in dark spots. I used to have some dark spots where old blemishes were and now my skin is much more even. The products I have been using the past 4 1/2 months are X-trap, Molecular Mist, and Day Care. I also tried samples of the O.M.G. anti-aging serum, Sugar lip plumping treatment, Youth Accelerator pumpkin enzyme peel, and the Liquid Crystal and Crystal Creme hair products. I am very pleased with the results. It is harder for me to speak on behalf of the samples I tried because I did not get to use them consistently like the other three fullsize products. I did however love each of them and will be ordering them all at some point to get the full benefit. With my next batch of products I am interested in continuing using X-trap, and trying an exfoliator, serum, blemish spot treatment, masks, and a thicker night creme or a gel lotion. As you can tell I love this company and can’t wait to try more of their products so I can turn even more people onto them! Not only are the products high quality, they are cruelty free. I pride myself in spreading kindness and my face has no place for cruelty. Thank you. Sircuit Skin Cosmeceuticals! This is not the last review you will be seeing from this girl:)

Laice O.

Wow, wow wow! Keep it coming :) Thank you.

I must admit, SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals' customer service is by far one of the best I've ever encountered! Not only do I, and my skin LOVE all of your products, but the overall experience has been absolutely amazing- you definitely have made me a life long customer! I was completely surprised how concentrated all of the products were and how little is needed. My skin looks better than it ever has!

Lauren S.

We’re NEVER one to disappoint!

I appreciate your email! I am absolutely in LOVE with the Double Trouble. It makes my skin so soft and glow the next morning!! I only purchased a trial size though so I will definitely be getting the regular size as soon as it’s gone. The Infusion-A has been great also. I love that it soaks right into my skin and does not leave an oily feel. I LOVE SIRCUIT!! :) I don't know what I would do without it. Thank you.

Lindsey B.

The feeling is mutual Lindsey!

Saw your product in a GQ and decided to try it. Received it quickly and was pleasantly surprised how great everything was. Fresh and refreshed is how I feel after each use. Would recommend it and going to be order more product.

John C.

If you think that's good . . . wait until you try the rest of our products.

I love the Handsome lotion. It is very rich and emollient and we all need that with this cold winter we are having. Love that it is paraben free!

Cindy S.

Just what the doctor ordered!!

I had a doctor’s appointment and when he walked in, he said “If I didn’t have my file in front of me and had my numbers, I would have said you were in your forties, but you are 52”. (And he was not a dermatologist). Nothing could have made me happier. I have suffered with problem skin all my life. I am now looking at my skin clearing Thanks to you, I can turn to you for products that I believe in. Please stay in touch, it makes me feel you care!!

Dorian G.

Oh . . . we do care!

Thank you!! Have been so pleased with Sircuit. Your products are amazing!! Excited to try more products!

Anne Marie S.

Thank YOU for taking a chance on us!

In the morning my face has never felt softer and I think it’s the Daycare. It’s also light enough to use in the day in the winter time when my skin experiences some dryness at times. Another product I’ve been using for a while is Infusion-A. I was apprehensive that it wouldn’t do as much for me as Cosmedix Define, but I love it.

Bambi M.

We're happy to RAISE the bar on what you should expect from your skincare!

You are AWESOME!! See, this is why Sircuit is the absolute best! I sincerely appreciate all your correspondence and customer service with me.

Clare D.

You’re pretty awesome yourself!

You are AWESOME!! See, this is why Sircuit is the absolute best! I sincerely appreciate all your correspondence and customer service with me

Clare D.

You’re pretty awesome yourself!

So far I've been using White Out, Nine-One-One and Revelation - all of which have been great. Really feel (and see) that the products are making a difference to the targeted areas which is amazing. I'm very happy to be experimenting with my current trial sizes and believe these will convince me to purchase the full-size bottles in the future. Thank you for your follow-up.

Giulietta P.

You know... SIRCUIT® does have a reputation for surpassing expectations!

Hello, actually I am crazy about the products...I had a new allergic reaction to products I have used for YEARS so have spent the last year trying every natural/organic product I can find. The issue is that they traditionally have NO anti-aging component. My facialist suggested I try SIRCUIT and I am hooked. I actually need to get back on line and order more. I am very impressed that you would take the time to send an email. In a world of below par service, I commend you.

Cindy R.

Thanks Cindy! We're pretty crazy about you too!!

Hey! Face wash, AWESOME at getting make up off. I love the smell, it feels good on my skin and I always use it after modeling shoots in order to get ALL the makeup off, and it works every time! Moisturizing Spray, Great product to carry in my purse when I fly!! White out, I love the name, I love how it feels, and I think it makes my eyes look better :) This one I've been using almost daily! Cranberry scrub! LOVE, I don't know if it’s just me, but I think it smells fantastic! And it felt really good on my skin. Lavender lotion, is great... smells wonderful... fabulous product... wish I had more. THANK YOU AGAIN, AND AGAIN!!!

Katrina T.

Alright Mr. De Mille, she's ready for her close-up!

Thanks so much for contacting me and requesting feedback. The sentence, "the “problematic” skin they had was most likely due to the chemicals and parabens in the products they were using"... Totally describes my experience! My skin is looking and feeling better, and I LOVE the products - the smells, the reaction, and everything. X-Trap is working perfectly for me! That's in combination with the Sircuit-Agent. I am overall pleased with the products. Please keep doing what you're doing. This is a company I really believe in. When I emptied my home of all paraben- and sulfate-containing products, the Proactiv was the last to go, because I didn't know how to replace it. My facial lady heard me loud and clear - she turned me on to Sircuit and "Savior" me! Thanks, Sircuit!

Clare D.

Thank YOU Clare for your kind words & dedication to SIRCUIT!

Hi! I am a new user of Sircuit and I am absolutely HOOKED!!! LOVE THEM! Savior, Immaculate Mist, Agent, I Cee U, Suggah, etc... I'm in the process of needing to place a new order as we speak :) FANTASTIC LINE!!! I am just so pleased so far!

Lorel M.

What are you waiting for, you know you love us? Now get that order in!

You know, I was actually introduced to Sircuit Skin products a few months ago when I started going to a salon to get "problem skin facials" to help with my skin. At the time, she had recommended I use the Xtrap, it always makes my skin feel SO clean. I liked that, but I felt like I needed something stronger to help get rid of the acne. When I ran out, I decided to get "Savior" and "Fixzit". I've been using the two since I got them and I really like them a lot. They are definitely helping and they are making the problems go away a lot quicker. I've used numerous face washes and problem skin products to try and keep it under control and nothing has worked, literally. This is the only line that seems to do anything or show any results.

Regina K.

Healthy Skin is Here!

I’m one of those people who are always obsessed with their skin. However, I’m also the person that likes to take the easy way out to get results the quickest way possible. With that being said, I’ve had years where I would constantly get laser treatments to fix the appearance of my skin and spend thousands of dollars. These laser treatments did more harm than good. I found Relax & Recovery gel moisturizer and I thought that my skin would NEVER get back to top shape before using this. My skin looks like it never went through any struggles. My skin is finally healed from all its bad decisions.

Clarissa F.

Sircuit's got you covered!!!

I suffer from really bad acne and it tends to lower my confidence when I’m in public. I was tired of being worried about what other people would say. One of my close friends recommended Savior Cleanser and WOW! Best results than anything else I’ve tried. My pores feel like they got a deep cleanse and purified my complexion. Love it!

Virgina H.

We absolutely live for these comments! Thank you!!

It’s always a drag looking into the mirror and seeing my unattractive dark bags under my eyes. I’m cheap when it comes to spending money on any products, so I usually use homemade products. But I realized that those didn’t do any good for me so I decided to scroll online to see what I can find. I found White Out and I have no regrets spending money on this!! It did everything I wanted. White Out helped my dark circles and gave me a nice radiant look!

Gavy K.

Yipee! The search is over!

Having constant dry skin is never fun. Coming across Cloud 9 was the solution I didn’t know existed. This crème relieved my dryness and gave me a good complexion. I absolutely love this!

Roberta G.

And we love you!

I love the ingredients in this moisturizer. They all work together to enhance the maximum radiant appearance. This product never lets me down on the moisture and smoothness.

Melinda N.

Yes, Day Care is amazing!!

THIS product right here improves my appearance and its convenient size makes it easy to carry around! Chromescent leaves my skin literally glowing! Thank you Sircuit Skin!

Donna W.

Now who doesn't want glowing skin? Keep on glowing!!

Mocha Loca smells so great! It feels great too with its wonderful hydration outcome! Leaves my skin super smooth! It can’t get better than this!

Draya R.

Bow Chica Wah Wah

Oh what a beauty. Oraia is one of my favorite products from Sircuit Skin. It gave me hope that my skin will improve. I bought this just last week and I already see a big difference.

Kesha R.

Yay! The more you use it, the more your skin improves!!

No more droopy eyes! It’s about time I find something that takes care of my skin issues. I’ve had droopy skin and wrinkles for as long as I can remember and I.CEE.U saved my eyes from getting worse!

Cameron J.

I.Cee.U and you're looking fabulous!

I haven’t noticed how much I’ve aged till I looked at my skin recently during this Covid down time. With years of stressful events and bad skin care decisions, it really took a toll on my skin. Finding Youth Accelerator Peel has made all the difference! My skin is purified and well cleansed. My favorite part is that it gives you that silky smooth finish that you can’t find anywhere else! I definitely recommend it!

Claudia N.

Proud of you for making better decisions with your skincare!

This O.M.G is AMAZING!! I don’t know how they perfected such a great product. Even after multiple uses, it still amazes me! My skin looks super healthy and improved!

Kelly M.

Fantastic! Improved, healthy skin is our game!

Sircuit is the best line of skincare I have come across. The one thing customers should know is that all your ingredients were changed a while back and all the products made better, alot better, which leaves other sellers online selling old formula products. This happened to me. I'm so glad I'm buying through a seller that loves Sircuit and is so knowledgable selling me the freshest most updated products. This skin care line .. its absolutely unbelievable. It's great when you find a product that's amazing!!

Michael Allan B.

We LOVE hearing feedback from our savvy SIRCUIT® users that TRULY get it!!

So excited to write this review on Sircuit Savant Serum! It most certainly has made a visible difference in the texture and overall look of my skin. My skin looks clear and refreshed and dare I say I feel and look younger..Yes I dare!

Carmen C.

We're happy and excited to read your review! Thanks!

This Oceanic Cooling Mask is the best thing I have ever tried in my life. I’m not exaggerating either! I have never found anything that works for me in the past. As soon as I laid my eyes on this and actually tried it, I could not stop using it. It’s refreshing and effective!

Fabiola H.

Thanks, Fabiola!!

Brilliant is right, Sircuit Skin! Because this product really is brilliant! It has all the right stuff to protect, nourish, and repair your skin! Although I’ve only used this for a year, I will use it over and over because my skin has never looked this good.

Liliana C.

You're the reason we do what we do!

Thanks so much for contacting me and requesting feedback. The sentence, "the “problematic” skin they had was most likely due to the chemicals and parabens in the products they were using"... Totally describes my experience! My skin is looking and feeling better, and I LOVE the products - the smells, the reaction, and everything. X-Trap is working perfectly for me! That's in combination with the Sircuit-Agent. I am overall pleased with the products. Please keep doing what you're doing. This is a company I really believe in. When I emptied my home of all paraben- and sulfate-containing products, the Proactiv was the last to go, because I didn't know how to replace it. My facial lady heard me loud and clear and she turned me on to Sircuit and "saviored" me! Thanks, Sircuit!

Clare D.

Sircuit to the rescuuuuuuue!!

How nice of you to follow up. I do love that you all offer an alternative to Vitamin A. I can't do Vitamin A at all, even in low dosages, and so far, your Vita A alternative serum isn't nearly as harsh as other products I've tried and yet I can tell it's still potent.

Aimee Z.

Glad we could help!

Thank you for following up. I turned to Sircuit as I have extremely sensitive skin as well as rosacea. I have gone through several prescription medications to treat the horrible red blotches that use to plague my face. After getting tired of paying for prescription creams and pills that did nothing but make my face worse, I discovered Sircuit. I can happily say that since making the switch my red, blotchy, extremely sensitive skin is smooth and calm. These have been some of the only products that work for me. Yes, it is a financial obligation, but I'd rather use the correct facial products than bathe my skin in antibiotics and harsh medications. I hope that Sircuit continues to create new and evolving products to keep my skin healthy and glowing.

Caitlin G.

Innovation is our middle name!

I absolutely love your products. I have been meaning to send a proper letter to express how fantastic your skin care is. Nevertheless, your products have been amazing and I will be a customer for life. I eat a high raw vegan diet and therefore my skin is in fairly good condition. However, after using your skin care multiple people stated my skin was GLOWING!!!!

Jennifer N.

Get your GLOW on girl!!

Love the product!! Skin looks and feels great.

Chris L.

SO glad we could help.

Thanks for the update on White Out. I think it's an amazing product. This has been a terrific find for me and each product is great for my skin. Day Care is one of my favorites and reminds me of my baking vanilla buttercream cupcakes! Thanks again!

Deb B.


Thanks for the email. I have ordered your products mainly because of the fact that they are pure. I've been educating myself on all the different toxins that are in every day cosmetics and have been shocked by what is being put into your body through the skin. I've been very happy with the results of Sircuit Cosmeceuticals and have certainly noticed a difference in the look and feel of my face.

Lauren R.

You like us! You REALLY like us!

Thank you so much for wanting to know if I was satisfied with your product. I love your products. I had severe acne in High School and now just get minor blemishes. Your products help me in every which way. They have helped me so much that people comment how beautiful my skin is. I have recently got two people excited about your products and have since become customers and they love it. I love spreading the word when I love a product so much and I love your products. Thank you!

Crystal L.

You're like a little Sircuit evangelist!

I am enjoying everything that I received! I love the Mocha Locha (I have used it twice now). It's really hard not to eat it, it smells so incredibly yummy!!! Everything agrees with my skin very well. I LOVE the scent of the Day Cream. It's vanilla-y to me and just smells heavenly. I think that I really want to order the Cloud 9 as well because I really love it's moisturizing properties. And the Molecular Mist makes my skin feel very plump and moist. Thanks again!

Diana F.

Wow, that sounds deeeelicious!

I just want to thank you a lot, for calling me and asking how the products are doing. I have never had a better treatment from any products I ever purchased :) I told my neighbor about Sircuit skin and I think she will order some products, but I did not know which one are best for her so I just gave her this email to write you. And I know she will get addicted as much as I am.

Michele Y.

AWW shucks!

The product arrived so quickly and with no shipping charge. I was very pleased. So, I am currently using the 2 products I reordered as well as OMG. I am very impressed with your product line so far even though I've only used it for about 6 months.

Jennifer R.

Impressed . . . are you?