Here's what some of our most recent "SIRCUIT® Addicts" are saying about the products. We love all the feedback. So keep it coming!

Thanks for your interest. The Soleil beats (and smells better) than all of the sunless tanners I've tried. The Handsome is very hydrating and it's nice to know it is chirally correct.

Aimee D.

Smile Sunshine!

Thank you for checking on me!! Very thoughtful!! So far the products are great. It feels great and my skin is looking better. I am hoping to get great results within the 42 day applying morning and night. I am so glad I ordered ORAIA and the cleanser. I appreciate this company very much and the philosophy. Thank you again for checking in.

Denise F.

You are SO very welcome!

I am VERY happy with the products. I love the "A" serum I am using, it makes my skin so smooth. I noticed a difference in just one night of using it. I hope it keeps working! It also didn't irritate my skin, I used it every day since I got it, and it still hasn't irritated it!

Rebecca C.

Glad to hear it!

Hello, I'm new to Sircuit, but have been using your stuff for a few weeks and I can definitely tell a difference. I wish I would have found you guys sooner, I could have saved a lot of time and money. But at least I have you now! I love your products! Please keep me informed on anything new that comes about. Thanks again.

Theresa M.

And we're glad to have you now.

We sure willHello, I ordered the Immaculate Mist and LOVE IT. I can have problem skin from time to time, so a moisturizer with that extra benefit of neutralizing blemish causing bacteria is always helpful. Sometimes I spray it on and pat it into the skin and other times I just spray and let it soak!

Jenna D.

Your skin will say thank you!

I came across your website while searching for a product to help with the timely changes in my skin that I have noticed on the past year (around my eyes and forehead). Trying these products was a splurge for me and WOW I'm so happy I did. I no longer have oily skin! But it doesn't stop there, I don't need to keep applying makeup to hide the shine! ... and, after washing my hair I didn't use any other products (just to see what would happen) and it looked fabulous! I have never had results like this. So now, I don't think those timely changes I was so concerned about will have a chance as long as I have Sircuit to back me up. On top of that, you did a follow up email which was surprising and appreciated. Thanks bunches,

Kristi R.

Happy, healthy skin... what a bargain!

I recently purchased the trial kit. Just after one day, I have noticed a considerable difference in my skin! Thank you so much! Have a glorious day

Emilie K.

You are so welcome!

I do have a favorite product, all of them!! One of my absolute favorites is the X trap cleanser. I like this alot because it imparts a nice fresh, cooling and calming feel while I cleanse. The hydrating hair bath and revitalizing conditioner have worked wonders for my lackluster hair, adding a great shine and some much needed volume without weighing it down, love that! The molecular mist is so refreshing and the C therapy brought new life to my skin. Really, Im thrilled with all of your products. I've been on some hard core drugs to treat an illness and the meds have played havoc on my skin and hair. My needs for skincare were greater than most and Sircuit came through. I'll be buying more soon!!! I loved the trail kit and encourage anyone to give it a try!! Thanks!

Jill L.

Thanks for such a nice e-mail... hope you’re feeling better and we could help!

Thank you so much for asking my input on the products. I absolutely love Sircuit products. I have had a history of horrible skin, specifically the curse of breakouts. After using your products, numerous people have commented on how great and healthy my skin looks. I believe my favorite product would be the Molecular Mist. I absolutely love it! I believe that is the secret to why my skin looks the way it does today! I do have to say that one of my other favorite products is the Saki lip balm. An amazing product. Since most of my friends have been commenting on my face they have been asking what products I have been using. They are really excited to try your products as well. Thank you for this product. I cannot wait to try other products.

Crystal L.

Bring em on!

Michael - I have to tell you that this product line is by far without a doubt the best skin care products available anywhere.....But I guess you already knew that...From the moment I tried X-Trap to the Day Care and all products in-between, these products all make my face feel great! I cannot begin to tell you how many skin care products I have tried over the past two years but I have always switched after using a portion or all of it because they just don't work for me or my skin......Some products have even had a stinging or burning sensation and that just isn't right.....Here are just a few of the product lines that I have used.....Anthony Logistics, Bullie, Zenmed, Aveda, California North, Men-U, Clarins for Men, Origins. Anyway I think you get the idea.....Once again great job in developing great products ....I look forward to a long relationship w/Sircuit Skin.

Catherine D.

Wow, nice e-mail, and congrats on becoming a certified Sircuit Addict!

Thank you for checking in with me, I've been using SIRCUIT for a few years now and love it! I think my favorite is Day Care. It's not too heavy, and it smells like cake!! I also love Fixzit when I have a breakout. Seems to clear it up instantaneously!

Jane B.

We just love makin' sure everyone is happy.

LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!! Have been using your sampler kit for 2 weeks now. Really like the products. I have since ordered some of the products. I would definitely refer SIRCUIT Cosmeceuticals to ALL my friends. Thanks again to all who have helped me on the road the healthy and happier skin.

Ellen R.

Happy customers... no doubt about it!

Hi there - I love the Molecular Mist. It is my favorite product because I'm prone to blemishes and have sensitive skin - I don't even need a moisturizer with it. I also really love your Vitamin C Serum.... it makes me skin feel like baby's skin. Cheers!

Ann T.

Welcome to the "Sircuit Family”!

Dear god almighty, I just want to bathe in a vat of Dreamweaver!!!! My skin just loves this stuff, after one night my skin is completely changed. Wrinkles dissipated, smooth, toned, pores tightened . . . skin looks brighter. It's like butter, and I was naughty and went bar hopping and smoked ciggys all night so I have no excuse to look this good ! It's got mysterious magical powers and makes my skin feel flawless. Is there a Dreamweaver body lotion???? THANK YOU SIRCUIT!

Sarah F.

Time to stock up on Dreamweaver!!

I'm loving the products so far. Believe me when I say I have tried literally scores of other lines--drug store to high end department store to online, conventional to "natural" to organic--and nothing has compared to Sircuit for my aging rosacea prone hypersensitive skin. Purusing the information you provide on your website and reading your ingredient lists tells you that these products are truly different but the real proof is in the trying. And so far the results have surpassed anything I've used previously-- no more redness and burning, no more Metrogel, more even skin tone, smoother skin. Quite amazing!

Judith C.

We even amaze ourselves sometimes!!

Nothing beats the Youth Accelerator. It really smoothes my skin and somehow minimizes my pores. I have skin that can easily become acneic if I don't routinely cleanse and the youth accelerator does a better job of balancing and keeping my face clean than any other product I’ve tried. I never write reviews of anything, but considering how much I love the stuff I had to say something.

Amelia W.

Thanks Amelia for taking a moment to give us your feedback.

I have been a loyal customer for over a year now. I love your products. I get compliments frequently on how great my skin looks. People cannot believe that I am 52! THANK YOU!!!

Maureen C.

You're so welcome... we love ya Maureen!

Hi there, I just wanted to say hello and that I've finally got the whole of the Sircuit range. I have been telling loads of people to order your products as I have been raving about them to everyone. If I can be of help to you at all and if you want me to be a testimonial to how good your products are to anyone then it would be my pleasure. The burn marks on my mums body from the radiotherapy have now totally healed up thanks to the OMG serum and I love the Vitamin C serum and the whole lot! Amazing! Hugs

Danny S.

We sure will!

Thank you so much for the email. Great customer service :-). I've used the products for 2 weeks and can definitely see an improvement in my skin, even though my skin was not too bad to begin with. I can't even pick one product that's my favorite - I like them all. Thanks for the personal touch and keep up the good work! Best Regards.

Lauren M.

And we love the beach!

Whoa! Your personalized follow up was unexpected and very refreshing. I want to say that after trying your products, they are extremely effective and safe to use. That is hard to come by. I look forward to sharing your products with my family and patients. Regards,

Dr. Patel.

Hey, thanks doc!

Thanks for your interest. The Soleil beats (and smells better) than all of the sunless tanners I've tried. The Handsome is very hydrating and it's nice to know it is chirally correct.

Aimee D.

Smile Sunshine!

I want to let you know that I have used I. CEE. U. for a couple of years now and swear by it. I recently was diagnosed with Graves disease, and having problems with the tissue around the eyes. The I. CEE. U. stopped the swelling and brought the tissue back. Prior to that, I found that it was the only eye product that actually worked on my aging eyes. Thank You!

Enid O.

We got our eyes on U!

Thank you for checking up on me with my recent purchase. I'm still in the process of seeing the effects of the product on my face. It pleases me to know that your company took the time out to contact me and check up on my progress with your product. This will for sure have me out there telling others that your company cares about their customers.

Delisa G.

We do care!

Thank you for checking up on me with my recent purchase. I'm still in the process of seeing the effects of the product on my face. It pleases me to know that your company took the time out to contact me and check up on my progress with your product. This will for sure have me out there telling others that your company cares about their customers.

Delisa G.

We do care!

I recently had extremely sunburned and fever blistered lips. Your Suggah was the only way I could get relief.

Doug N.

Give us some Suggah!

Sircuit is the best line of skincare I have come across. The one thing customers should know is that all your ingredients were changed a while back and all the products made better, alot better, which leaves other sellers online selling old formula products. This happened to me. I'm so glad I'm buying through a seller that loves Sircuit and is so knowledgable selling me the freshest most updated products. This skin care line .. its absolutely unbelievable. It's great when you find a product that's amazing!!

Vickie C.

Not officially on the horizon but thanks for the great idea, never say never!

I think I’ve finally found my skincare line. X-Trap is truly sensational - and having acne prone combination skin would NEVER buy as cleanser that would be suitable for all skin types. This leaves my skin soft, moisturized, really clean and matte, and most importantly has assisted in the clearing of my spots! Fixzit really "kills" stubborn spots - overnight!! Sircuit products are definitely for keeps!

Patty F.

You're the best!

I received the sample kit and have been using it for the 2nd week. I love the cleanser- after using it my skin looks calm (not red like it normally does after washing) and feels clean. The daytime lotion feels calming and soft and doesn't irritate my skin. I have had little breakouts and my skin doesn't seem as sensitive as it has been. I am so glad I have finally found a product that my skin agrees with. Thank you so much for your wonderful smelling and feeling products. They are heaven sent!!!!!!!

Emily L.

No, Thank You! That is such a nice compliment.

I am impressed with your personal touch as a company! You all have awesome customer service! That is so hard to find these days! You don't just sell the product, but have revealed to me that you really believe in your product. As an owner of two companies also, customer service is #1, that is what builds your company and makes it #1. I have to say again that I am truley impressed!!!! I love all of the products. My favorite are: Sircuit Addict, Secret Weapon, Dreamweaver, Youth Accelerator, Daycare and Whiteout! Thank you for that personal touch! Warm regards.

Heidi L.

Ahhh Thank you... we're blushing!