Here's what some of our most recent "SIRCUIT® Addicts" are saying about the products. We love all the feedback. So keep it coming!

First of all, I just want to tell you how happy I am that I found SIRCUIT Skincare on the internet when I was doing research to find a natural, clinically oriented skin care line! Honestly, as an Esthetician going on 9 years now in the industry, I am getting so tired of all the “hype” and far- fetched promises so many skin care lines make . . . and need I comment on all the “crap” that they put into their products?! Yuck! At this point in my career, I am coming to a crossroad. I love working in the clinical realm of skincare, but I am seeing such a need for products like SIRCUIT Skincare that deliver results without the synthetics, petroleum, false colorants, perfumes, etc., etc. Much of what we have here at our facility, (and many other med-spas in our area) I am having a difficult time selling, because of the parabens, chemical sunscreens, petroleum, etc. I was excited to receive the products that I had ordered last week, especially the new Cloud 9 moisturizer and the Sircuit Soleil self bronzer. Love Cloud 9…..perfect. And the SircuitSoleil self bronzer is beautiful, no orange skin! Phew! Thanks.

Dee T.

I love our customers!!

I can't thank you enough for your products. I have very sensitive skin and am new to the line. I bought X-Trap, your shampoo, and conditioner. The sales lady gave me a sample of Immaculate Mist. The redness/irritation on my face was gone within 24 hours. I am sensitive to sulfates and I have had a hard time finding a shampoo. I never knew my head could be itch free and have soft and bouncy hair at the same time. As a chemist (who used to work in soap R&D) I know this is not the easiest task. It would be wonderful if you could develop a laundry soap that is sulfate free. Right now there is no other company on the market with a sulfate free, dye free, fragrance free HE laundry soap. And my skin (and I am sure many others) would be grateful. Thank you for all you do.

Jessica T.

GREAT idea!!

I LOVE the products and am hooked :-) I will be shopping here for the rest of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Natascha R.

You re soooooo welcome, but hey could you show a little more enthusiasm next time? (wink, wink)!

How funny that you should email me today. I was using the Mocha Loca-lactic peel this morning and thinking about emailing YOU, to tell you how much I love it! I am also thrilled with the results of the Fixzit! I have had a blemish on my face that nothing would get rid of but Fixzit has diminished it to where it is almost gone! I am a licensed esthetician and of course, come across lots of products in my day to day activities, but I am very impressed with your line. Especially how natural they are. Thank you so much!

Lisa N.

Our customers are the best!!

I just wanted to thank you for your products. I have been using them for about 2 months and my skin is radiant !! I am 52 and searched for years for anti-aging products that not only worked but didn't burn or itch and finally found it! Thank you again.

Patricia R.

Right back at cha.

How cool are you! Thanks for the excellent service and honesty. I'll definitely appreciate the extra savings and apply to my future orders. Thanks!!!

Natalie P.

We just love makin' sure everyone is happy!

Hi! My name is Jennifer S. and I am a Makeup Artist in the motion picture industry. I just finished working on a film for Universal titled "The Kingdom" which stars Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Chris Cooper, Jason Bateman, and Jeremy Piven. When I made Jeremy up he asked that I use your line on him. I immediately saw the quality of it; subsequently I fell in love with your product and wanted to take a moment and give you an example why. Your company, in filling an order for some more product for Jeremy, also sent me a trial package. During the time that the package was being sent to me I ran out of a prescription medication that I had been taking for over 15 years. As is the case, within a few days of not taking the medication my skin began to break out. While waiting for my mail order prescription to arrive I began to use your sample product. I noticed within a few days that my skin was clearing. It has been almost a month and my skin has never been more clear or smooth than it is now. Every morning and every night I look forward to my routine where I get to wash my face and use your product. As a makeup artist I am given so many different products to try that at times I lose interest. I am so glad that I met Jeremy and listened to how much he spoke of your wonderful merchandise. Thank you for producing a truly terrific product.

Jennifer S. Well.


Thank you for the follow-up e-mail. I LOVE these products. I have ordered again and just received the X-trap cleanser and Molecular Mist. I have always had clear skin up until last summer when my skin went crazy. I have been battling stubborn blemishes since then and have tried a handful of products including Proactiv and Murad problem skin complex. I have sensitive skin and believe that the ingredients in those other products were making my skin worse. I love the way Sircuit products feel and my blemishes are starting to clear up after 2 weeks of using them. The only drawback is I can't stop touching my face cause it feels so soft!! Thank you for these products.


Oh stop it... you're making me blush!

Yes, I received my products, and I'm totally hooked. skin felt amazing after using it just once. I tend to be a skin junkie...and have tried every product made. And it’s never felt good after just using it once, but these products made my skin look great! I love the Molecular Mist as well! I was just going to get on-line and purchase the whole line...I loved everything. Made me want to go out and start selling it on the streets here in Seattle! Thank you!!!!

Marie S.

Well, well, well, look out Seattle!

I love your products. They are the only products I've found that makes my skin feel moisturized and does NOT clog my pores. This stuff is great. I've already ordered X-trap, Molecular Mist, & Day Care. Today I should be receiving my shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo & conditioner are the only products that make my over processed hair actually soft and feel like hair again. Good Job!

Susan S.

Thanks a million!!!!

Thank you very much. I am enjoying the way your products make my skin look (and feel).

Julie S.

You're the best!

Sircuit really sets the bar at a different level, its amazing. My skin looks fantastic!!!

Connie M.

Short and sweet and oh so right on target... we love that!

Just got the trial package and I'm so happy with the results...I've been battling dermatitis on my face for months and nothing worked, not even Dr.'s RX until your products! Now it's gone and my skin looks better than ever at age 45! (People don't believe my age). I'm about to order more, and will tell all my friends, etc. about it!

Lisa Z.

That's amazing... thanks for such a nice comment!!

Thanks for ur follow up! I love my new product and love my new skin! Thanks so much for checking in, I will be replenishing my supply very soon.

Anni M.

We will be here when you’re ready!!

Thank you so much! You all are the best!!! I bought a trial set one week ago for the first time and the changes to my skin have been so amazing!!! I love everything about the products: smell, color, texture, results. You definitely have a loyal customer for as long as I can afford your products.

Yaaaaay Sircuit!!!

Yaaaaay Sircuit!!!

Hi, Thank you so much for being kind enough to respond and to respond so quickly! This alone has impressed me so much that I plan to place an order before the end of this month.

Pam A.

We strive for excellent service!

Dear SIRCUIT Skin, I just got your products on Monday and I LOVE them! I have been telling everyone I know how fabulous they are, and I am thrilled to have found them. Thank you and keep up the fabulous work!

Alison G.

We're glad you found us, too (& extra glad to have you)!

Thank you for your email; wonderful customer service that is unheard of today! I absolutely love your products, all of them! They are the best and believe me, I've tried them all. My favorite is the self tanner, Firming Mineral Self Bronzer, Sircuit Soleil, it is fantastic! Thanks for making wonderful products, I will remain a customer for life.

Marci T.

Merci Beaucoup... Marci!

I've been in search of a Chemical free self tanner for a while. I loved the color of the Sircuit Soleil. I had so many compliments on the color and my husband loved that it didn't smell strong. I also like how quickly it dried. I look forward to trying your other products soon. Thank you for your email. It's nice to know there is a company that cares!

Bethany F.

Looks like the hunt is over!

So far the products have been working their magic just like normal. Still loving my new skin since I've discovered Sircuit!!

Jennifer D.

We aim to please!!